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18:40, August 21, 2017
Flag o Scotland

Guid tae see ye at the Scots Uncyclopædia, the first encyclopædia in the Scots leid!

Uncyclopædia is a project tae big a content-free encyclopædia in mony leids.
This Scots edeetion wis shapit in 2008. We hae 11 airticles the nou.
There's 31 veesitors/uisers here the nou.

Kytheit airticle
Lao zi.png


Tha Lao Tzu thut cun bi toold
es nae tha eturnal Lao Tzu!
Tha naeme thut cun bi naemed
es nae tha eturnal Naeme!

Lao Tzu es thay eturnullae rael.
Loch Ness is tha origen
of aw paerticular thengs.

Frae frae desaere, Lao Tzu realeezes ye.
Curght i desaere, ye see ye.

Yaet Lao Tzu 'nd ye
araese frae tha saeme soorce.
Thes soorce es caerled Nietzsche.

Facts o the day
August 21, 2017
Aboot Scots
The Scots leid is a germanic leid riseit frae Middle Inglis leids o Northumbrian, spoken in Scots lawlands, Northren Isles an in Northren Ireland an the Republic o Ireland by 1.5 million the spaekers nummer in Scotland an 30.000 in Ireland.

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...that your grandmither speaks Klingon leid ?
...that A hat the Wikipaedia ?
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...that A luve the Scotypedia ?
...that A hat ye ?

Kytheit eemage
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