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I have comnbuted almost 17% of the articles on this pedia[eedit]

On my first day Kevillips 00:44, 5 Juin 2011 (UTC)


Hi, I understand your enthusiasm, be welcome, remember that the pages may be written in wiki formatting, without serious content. Some question, talk me, if I delay to respond, I am sysop also in ghItlh'a'pedia, the Scotypedia em Klingon language and Neciklopedija, the Scotypedia in Dalmatian language. Remember, this a website in Scots language, no English, if you don't it, I will block you! Good night, Welcome! Uncyclopædiavu'wI’RENAN56contributionsThe best of Spain 03:10, 6 Juin 2011 (UTC)


Kevillips, if you problems with the Scots language, access the website Scots Online, it is a excelent site about the Scots language: all grammar, history and a dictionary in Scots > English and English > Scots. Write in Scots, no english, no irish, no welsh, scots (scottish) only. Uncyclopædiavu'wI’RENAN56contributionsThe best of Spain 19:02, 6 Juin 2011 (UTC)


I hve a friend on en.Uncyc that is Scottish, and I hope to have him collaborate with me, as I have with him there. You can move Milk to my userspace, but I will keep trying. I thnk I got Scots confused with Gaelic Kevillips 01:15, 7 Juin 2011 (UTC)

Ok, after somebody translate the article for Scots, or perhaps I will translate more later.

Uncyclopædiavu'wI’RENAN56contributionsThe best of Spain 16:25, 7 Juin 2011 (UTC)

Key words[eedit]