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Yer uisername or IP address haes been blockit.

The block was made bi <choose> <option>CartoonistHenning</option> <option>Llwy-ar-lawr</option> <option>Renan</option>. The raeson gien is $2.

  • Start of block: Tue, 11 Mey 2021 16:55:17
  • Expiry of block: Tue, 11 Mey 2021 16:55:17
  • Intended blockee:

Ye can contact <choose> <option>CartoonistHenning</option> <option>Llwy-ar-lawr</option> <option>Renan</option> or ane o the ither administrators tae discuss the block. Mynd that ye canna uise the "email this uiser" featur unless ye hae a valid email address registert in yer uiser preferences an ye hae not been blocked from using it. Yer IP address is, and the block ID is #20210511165517. Please include this address in onie queries ye mak.