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Usopedia logo new.png
Craeftit usin Powerpoint. Resembles the Japanese flag, disna it?
Type o site Liars' wiki o humor, nonsense, n sometimes even delusion
Registration Free (actual cost: knowledge on truth)
Launchit 2014
Craeftit by WiiU (Nintendo)
Number o articles around 1000
Language Japanese (n Engrish in the past)
Current status Online

Usopedia(日本語:ウソペディア) is ae Japanese wiki o humor n nonsense, n is ae sister wiki candidate o Illogicopedia.

A brief histerie[eedit]

Blocked on Japanese Uncyclopedia, where blockin is more preferred tae ceautin articles because they believe in the Big Brother n his dictatorship, the founder, actually a gamin console[1], hae decidit tae craut anither website o humor n nonsense, truely made in Japan, like Toyota n Nissan dit in the past, against Ford n General Motors.

It used tae be Miipedia, n WiiUpedia (abbreviation: Upedia) in the past, ye know, because it wis fundit by Nintendo n its users, especially users o WiiU.

Followin the tradition o Uncyclopedia claimin itself as the parody o Wikipedia, it usid tae claim itself as the parody o Yourpedia[2], ae Japanese wiki full o subjective n modified truth that Wikipedia can never host.

However, users from Uncyclopedia n other websites came in ae horde, n since the founder could na longer manage the wiki alone, its name wis chyngit tae Usopedia, the current name. It means, "Encyclopedia full o lies," n bein ae liar (or bein illogical) wis then considered tae be more important than bein a humorous contributor. This made it possible for Usopedians, the users o Usopedia, tae post delusional articles like The Country o Nobita, which is na even claimed tae be ae parody/satire o Japan, n so borin that Uncyclopedians would add an NRV template within 10 seconds or so. In fact, it wis the founder himself who wrote the largest number o delusions.

However, anither horde o new comers came in around 2017 ~ 2018, most o them bein zombies o Japanese Uncyclopedia, n found oot some articles full o delusion actually suck, they started tae modernize the wiki. They startit tae host contests tae craut more humorous articles, craeftit the original VFH system, n nou runnin as ae candidate sister wiki o Illogicopedia.

Combatin Vandalism[eedit]

Like its probably-future sister wiki Illogicopedia, Usopedia suffers from Vandalism, mainly comin from Japanese Wikipedia n Uncyclopedia. This is partly because the founder himself wis ae vandal in the past, but mainly because the vandals regard Usopedia tae be more important than Wikipedia n Uncyclopedia, because, in fact, Usopedia is nou growin more rapidly than Japanese Uncyclopedia, with a better sense o humor, n most o the delusional articles have been removed through the modernization process.

Some o the vandals in Usopedia like havin themselves blocked by the AbuseFilter, which is rather unique compared tae vandals in other wikis, where vandals make actions with massive damage, appearin on RecentChanges. I guess these vandals know how tae act in a nonsensical way[3], and tryin tae be humorous at the same time actin as ae vandal.

However, this isn't always the case, n sometimes massive vandals also appear. Such vandals tend tae act as if they are robots, n I'm sure they would never pass the Turing test, indeed.


Probably because the founder himself is a gamin console, most o the users are na human. Some o their claims are: a germ, a train, an app for iPhone, or even a programmin leid. The users are called Usopedians, n most o them speak Japanese n Engrish[4], but due tae the recent relationship between Illogicopedia, some are also able tae speak English.

The great firewall o nonsense[eedit]

Usopedia suffers from a firewall o nonsense bein displayed on some pages, when accessin through Mac, iPhone, or Internet Explorer. This is probably because they host too many nerdy lies for mac users or IE users, n only people otaku enough tae use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera on PC can currently see aw pages successfully.

Migratin tae Miraheze[eedit]

Usopedia wis runnin on an independent server, but because the Japanese made it illegal tae donate tae websites hosted in Japan, it ran oot o runnin costs. So nou WiiU, actin as if he were the Japanese version o Oscar Wilde, died[5]. Again. This made it necessary for Usopedians tae seek for ae greater land that nurtures their sense o humor n nonsense[6], n found oot that Miraheze might be the best place, like the Polish Uncyclopedia[7]. So nou, some o them run a beta version on Miraheze, n is currently free o vandals, but also free o new contributors.

Or so it wis. Nou that the new wiki on Miraheze hae become the new official version, n vandals followed, but some o the eeditors just dropped oot. I guess Usopedia needs more users tae make the new light bulb website function properly.

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  1. Really, I mean it.
  3. Because their actions would cause practically NO damage tae the wiki, as long as the filter blocks them successfully, which means that it is completely meaninless tae act in ae way that the filter can block.
  4. As a matter o fact, an "Engrish vertion" Usopedia did exist in the past (but nou discontinued).
  5. Or blocked.
  6. WTF is a sense o nonsense? I dinna care, n ask ye na tae care, either.
  7. I guess they are as smart as the Polish.